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Political satire has historically been a little thin on the ground from a local perspective, but It's That Type of Party have set out to change that, aiming to discuss and cover hard-hitting local issues through a satirical lens. We sat down with Dwayne Robinson and Trae Cannonier, the pair behind the collaboration to find out more about what motivates and drives them.

Tell us a little bit about how you formed It’s That Type of Party.

We initially formed a skit comedy group a few years ago which fizzled out and we reformed in 2016. We decided to do a parody on the news with a bit of satirical comedy. The concept became popular and we began covering local news and community issues using the same satirical format.

How important do you think it is to give young people in Bermuda a voice, and is that what you would say you are doing?
We believe young people need to speak up on issues that affect our country. There are many entities that were providing entertainment but very few that were providing commentary on hard hitting issues. We wanted to fill that void.

You covered the same sex marriage topic in great detail. Is there any other case that you’ve covered as much?

We covered the same- sex marriage topic a lot because they are a minority population in our country and deserve support. 

What has been your most viewed video and why do you believe it is the most viewed?

Our most viewed upload was “Pastor or Poser”. In this video we decided to criticise one of the leaders of Preserve Marriage, because it had been revealed that he was cheating on his wife, with another man.  We believe it is the most viewed because it was a popular topic of conversation and we were one of the quickest outlets to respond.

Was it always your intention to discuss newsworthy topics in Bermuda?

No it was not. We always intended to create an entertainment company and a platform for local entertainers and artists. We ended up stumbling into the news because of a comedy skit idea.

We always intended to create an entertainment company and a platform for local entertainers and artists. We ended up stumbling into the news because of a comedy skit idea.

What are some of the ways you are planning to grow your audience?

We are currently moving into our own office and upgrading our equipment. We are hoping to captivate a large audience with higher quality content and a revamped set. We will also be venturing into more live events and showcases to really push our brand. We are establishing a company called “Superbia Productions” to be the umbrella of ITTP and our other enterprises. 

What has been the reaction of people when they see you on the street? Do people come up and share their views with you?

We have become recognisable to a large percentage of Bermuda which we truly appreciate, and many people come up to us to share their opinions. We get folks who agree and disagree but to us all the interactions are valuable in formulating our views on where Bermuda stands on topics and issues.

Is ITTP a passion project or something you’d like to make a more full time?

ITTP is more than a passion project. It has become our business venture. We have temporarily stopped production to prepare for the re-launch of the new and improved platform. The goal is to be able to provide employment and performance opportunities for entertainers and artists. Our mandate is to provide a platform for free speech and the opinions for the younger generation especially.

You mentioned you have a new space opening, can you tell us more?

We are moving into our own office. There will be a brand new set and layout for the news episodes. We hope to set aside a space for creatives to have a work station. We will be tight lipped on more details until things are completely locked down, but stay tuned!

You can follow Dwayne and Trae on Instagram with the handle @ittpbermuda

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