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We caught up with founder Sue Khan, of Naked Zero, to discuss her vision of making a concept store focused on consciousness a reality.

Tell us a little bit about your mission and how you came to set up an ethical business.

At Naked Zero, our mission is to bring a simplified approach to mind, body and earth consciousness through products and programs that promote mindfulness, non toxic health, wellness and beauty with an emphasis on waste reduction.

How did you come up with the name and what does it represent?

Naked Zero stands for naked, natural products with an emphasis on zero or reduced waste, particularly plastics. Naked also represents a shedding of labels, ego and societal pressures, and instead living in alignment according to your authentic self with purpose.

Naked Zero helps people to live a more mindful and conscious lifestyle without sacrificing the things they need and want. What have been some of the challenges associated with having a business predicated on changing people’s mindset?

I never set out to change mindsets, I see it all as education. People will change their minds, grow, adapt and change on their own. As long as there is a consistent message and a purpose, it will resonate with those it is meant to reach. That creates a ripple effect in social circles, friends, colleagues, communities. I focus on education and sharing my journey and as bits of the story grabs the attention of individuals, mindsets are changed and developed in the process.

 What are some of the challenges you have come across in running a sustainable business here in Bermuda?

Everything has to be imported. In some cases, products are sourced locally, but there can be other components that are sourced overseas. To that point, there is still a tax associated with getting sustainable products on island.

Do you see this as a growing market and are more consumers starting to take ethics into account as they make their purchases?

In a time where we are constantly consuming information from many sources at various points throughout the day its almost impossible not to come across articles or research on ethical subjects. As this continues, people are called to question the ethics behind their purchases to varying degrees. We are all different and that effect on the truth behind many purchases too varies, but at some point I think it will be far too difficult to ignore, as such, demand will grow and the market will continue to expand. At what pace, I’m not sure!

As a young business in Bermuda what are some of the ways you have found success in reaching a greater audience?

It’s important to know your audience.  Once you know your audience intimately enough, you know the methods to reach them effectively.

What do you consider the number one barrier for people starting their own businesses here on the island?

Fear. Entrepreneurship can be a roller coaster and requires unwavering faith and belief in the bigger picture and the end goal. Belief and faith in your abilities to withstand the ups and downs are essential to overcoming fear.

What’s your number one business goal for the rest of 2018?

To reach as many women as possible who may feel close to burnout, or are looking for passion and purpose and to create a safe place at Naked Zero for them to reconnect with themselves and their purpose, to adopt mindfulness and to become more self aware.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to fellow entrepreneurs?

Invest in a journey of self before becoming an entrepreneur. Being self aware and self confident will be a great asset as you embark upon an entrepreneurial journey. To be able to withstand the ebbs and flows, know when to embrace an opportunity and accept when one is not suitable for your business, to understand competition and to always rely on your instinct and creativity for solutions through it all. And to do all of this with confidence.  

What’s your biggest sustainability vice?

Ditching the straw!

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